Account Executive-New York

Applicants that have agency experience preferred. This is not a remote position, applicant needs to be in the New York metropolitan area.

Marketing Competency

  • Must have 2 years experience working in a marketing agency environment
  • Understands marketing execution and agency process
  • Engages in creative strategies based on relevant customer, business, and brand insight to create winning work
  • Listens for new opportunities to work with clients, and involves appropriate team members to sell in new ideas and work
  • Develops work that will drive higher performance for our clients
  • Collects results from client for each program executed (where possible) and reports back to agency team
  • Increases client satisfaction and grows revenue and profitability on assigned lines of business

Project Management Skills

  • Manages creative development for multiple projects or project components from start to finish, with ownership and accountability of budget and deliverables; leads estimating and invoicing
  • Effectively uses internal planning docs and processes to reserve the resources needed to complete each step of each project
  • Utilizes Basecamp to organize and document all work on projects
  • Serves as day-to-day contact for mid-level clients; engages in project-level strategic discussion, including optimization, lessons learned, etc.
  • Proactively identifies and resolves issues; knows when to push back on client while also being flexible, responding quickly and appropriately to change
  • Keeps appropriate team members and clients aware of project status, implications, project details, etc., as well as this information’s impact on other project components
  • Provides value-add creative feedback that is aligned with campaign strategy and objectives; synthesizes and validates client feedback before handing off to creative
  • Highlights to senior leaders any project risks (i.e. resource problems, team problems, deliverable issues, client issues, etc.) and proposes solutions
  • Identifies potential issues related to client relationship and escalates appropriately

Communication Skills

  • Displays excellent verbal and written communication skills; listens, comprehends, and re-articulates accurately to gain client buy-in and agreement
  • Listens with 20/20 hearing – asks “why” until understands what’s behind the words
  • Is a champion of succinct communication – the goal is to create time for everyone involved in the project
  • Manages client and internal meetings with clear meeting objectives, content, and outcomes; effectively communicates
  • Leads set-up and wrap-up of client calls, setting clear expectations of the meeting and establishing and documenting next steps

People, Teamwork, Culture

  • Communicates with peers and partners in a respectful way – assumes positive intent
  • Is recognized by peers for facilitation/problem-resolution skills
  • Regularly works to improve knowledge and skills through individualized external training – plan to be developed in partnership with manager
  • Always willing to take on new responsibilities and play an active role in moving team forward
  • Learns from pain points and adapts to make them better in the future
  • Works as efficiently as possible so that all team members can better serve the clients

LIFT Agency

  • An independent full-service advertising and marketing agency
  • Based in San Francisco with offices in Brooklyn and Portland
  • Passionate about our work, team and client relationships; this is a warm, collaborative group
  • Competitive with salaries and generous with benefits

Send us a note letting us know why you’re a great fit for our team.