Opinion: Levels of Awareness from Eugene Schultz Still Holds True

The year is 1966. Frank Sinatra is topping the charts, an actor named Ronald Reagan was just elected governor of California and TV’s reign over American households is in full swing, with families coming together to enjoy the debut of shows like Star Trek and Batman.

Meanwhile, Eugene Schwartz is rapidly becoming one of the most celebrated copywriters in history. A pioneer in the world of marketing, he’s developing a theory about the way consumers respond to ads called the Levels of Awareness Formula. He theorizes that by adapting to a consumer’s existing level of awareness, brands can craft more compelling, effective copy.

Chief LIFTer Tim Carr pays homage to the late great Eugene Schwartz in AdWeek, with ideas to align messaging for better impact in Facebook Ads. Continue reading the full article here.

LIFT’s Approach to Adaptive Messaging

By optimizing how we speak to customers, we’re able to reach them more directly based on where they are in the funnel.

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